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The current goal of Indian Cafe is to provide authentic and delicious Indian food at a great price. The family is truly dedicated to providing an upscale experience at an affordable price. The restaurant, adorned with traditional Indian artwork and decor, provides a serene and comforting atmosphere. We follow all safety guidelines and we welcome your suggestions. Our extensive menu encompasses the very best of North and South Indian cuisines and includes vegetarian, meat, seafood, gluten-free, and vegan options.

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Our Kitchen is ready to serve you authentic indian food

All Northern and Southern Food

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We eat here all the time and are never disappointed. The food is amazing , service excellent, and can’t beat the prices. I can feed my family of 6 for $27!

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My favorite Indian food in the valley. chicken tikka masala and lamb Biryani with some garlic naan, to die for. Grab some aloo tiki chaat for a snack. Good portion sizes.

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Hands down- best Indian restaurant in this area. Good portions and very fresh. Also- I made a large order once for a family dinner for pick up, realized I left 1 of the dishes at the restaurant & when I went to grab my phone to call them- I had numerous missed calls & a text asking for my address. The owner himself came and dropped it off!

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If you have any question or suggestion, please contact with us via email or Phone listed below.

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Owner / Chef

Name: Kulwant Singh

For Tray order In Advance Please Give Us call or Email


Phone no: (209)239-9006

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